Coronavirus Update 13/03/20

Posted by Gemma Lawler
March 13th, 2020

We have taken the difficult decision to postpone the Open Mic Night at the Tower of Song tonight, and also to postpone ALL SATURDAY LESSONS TOMORROW due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As it stands at the moment we are hoping to re-open as usual on Monday 16th March, but please check emails and social media for the latest updates as this may change at short notice.

We have had a student who has attended lessons recently inform us that they are exhibiting symptoms, and we have to take these precautions to protect our staff, students and families.

We will be conducting a deep clean of the Rockschool studio, CapsaArx studio, public spaces and all equipment over the weekend, as well as installing better hand cleaning facilities and hand sanitizer where appropriate.

We are hoping to have a safe and sensible social management system in place to enable us to continue lessons, and are also looking at potential alternatives such as online lessons if we are in a position where it is not going to be safe to continue as usual.

As such, please ensure that you follow the measures below if you attend the studio over the next few weeks.

1. We ask that no-one exhibiting ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS attend any of our lessons, rehearsals or other sessions until further notice.
2. Unfortunately, we will have to turn away anyone who arrives at lessons showing signs of illness, cold and flu.
3. EVERYONE who arrives at the studio will be instructed to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and warm water BEFORE TAKING PART, as per NHS guidelines.
4. We are asking that all students provide their own instruments and breakables for the foreseeable future, especially drum sticks, guitar leads and plectrums.
5. All shared instruments (drum kits, guitar amps, keyboards) will be disinfected between lessons. This may mean a slightly longer changeover time between lessons.
6. If you do suspect that you have contracted the Coronavirus and have visited the studio, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible.

These measures are intended to help everyone in our studio community feel safe and comfortable during this difficult time.

Anyone concerned about attending lessons can simply bank their current sessions for future use, please email us ASAP if you would like to do so.

Contact us on: / 07912647260


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Government Coronavirus Public Information

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