RSL launches Rockschool video graded exams!

Posted by Sharon Hughes
May 20th, 2020

RSL (the company who run the Rockschool graded exams) have recently launched video exams, so instead of travelling to one of their test centres, you can now video yourself in the comfort of your own home, and submit your video for the examination process.

They are offering two options for their recorded exams:

Option one – Performance Certificate for grades debut and up to grade 8. For this option, you need to record and submit five performance pieces.

Option two – Graded Certificate for grade debut and up to grade 5. For this option, you need to record and submit three performance pieces and all of the technical exercises in the Rockschool Gradebook.

Rockschool Gradebooks are available to order online or download on the RSL website, and your tutor can guide you with regards to which level you need to start from as you may not need to start at level one.

Full details of the online Rockschool graded exams can be found on their website:

There is an exam for every ability level, and we welcome all students to get in contact for more information if they are interested in working towards a certificate. We are also welcoming new students, who would be interested in working towards a graded exam – new students can book a completely free taster session at